I got bad luck

Most of us probably are familiar with Job, the Biblical character whose faith was deliberately tested with misfortunes. First, marauders stole his oxen and donkeys, and killed his servants. Then, a wind swept in and collapsed his house, killing his sons and daughters.

If that wasn't enough, he then was afflicted with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head. Things got so bad for Job that at one point, he even cursed the day of his birth. Job had it pretty rough, but he hasn't been the only one. Plenty of others throughout history have been plagued by successive calamities.

There's Violet Jessop, who worked as a stewardess on the maiden voyage of the Titanic inand managed to survive the giant liner's collision in the North Atlantic with an iceberg -- only to take a job as a nurse on the Britannic, which sank in in the Aegean Sea.

And more recently, there's the bizarre story of English tourists Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence, who were visiting New York City when Al Qaeda hijackers crashed two planes into the World Trade Center on September 11,and happened to be in London when the city's public transportation system was attacked by terrorists in Julyand traveled to Mumbai, India in Novemberjust in time to witness a third terrorist attack.

The idea that some people are destined to suffer chronic misfortune is so ingrained in our consciousness that there even have been songs written about it -- for example, "Born Under a Bad Sign," the blues classic recorded by Albert King back inin which the narrator complains that "if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all.

But is there really such a thing as chronic bad luck, and if so, why do some people seem to be plagued by it? Psychologists and academic experts in probability and statistics, who've studied the phenomenon of bad luck, provide a complicated answer. It is true that in the course of a lifetime, some people have a lot more bad things happen to them than most of us do. But that outcome can be influenced by a variety of factors, including random chance, the actions of other people, and individuals' own decision-making skills and competence at performing tasks.

Thirteen Common But Silly Superstitions. Rami Zwick, a business professor at the University of California-Riverside, points out that the idea of bad luck exists, in part, because most of us don't have a very good understanding of how the science of probability works.

If you ask people to flip a coin times, for example, over time, you can expect that the average result for the group will be 50 heads and 50 tails. But within the group, individuals may have more heads than tails, or vice-versa. In events where non-random factors such as decision-making and competence also come into play, it becomes a little trickier to determine exactly what causes what we often perceive as bad luck, Zwick says. By looking at a sequence of decisions and outcomes over time, it may be possible to identify someone who repeatedly suffers misfortune because he or she makes bad decisions, or mistakes in execution.

Think of a car manufacturer that habitually scrimps on parts to keep prices down, leading to a reputation for shoddy products that drives consumers away.

But often, Zwick notes, it's difficult to filter out the influence of randomness. The problem is that even when sequences of bad events are caused purely by random chance, our minds still crave an explanation. He says that our ability to find patterns in masses of sensory data-a crucial skill that helped humans to survive and thrive-also tends to spot patterns in random noise, where none actually exist.

He notes, for example, that studies have shown that people who believe in bad luck will have more accidents on Friday the 13, traditionally perceived as an unlucky day. Others dwell on their perceived misfortunes, and start to perceive everything as yet another example of bad luck. Where one person may see missing a bus as an opportunity to take a look around a nice store, another may turn the experience into a depressing mope about how nothing in their life ever goes right.

But that subjective aspect of bad luck also makes it possible for people to rid themselves of the perception that they suffer from it.

i got bad luck

Zwick and colleagues, in an experiment detailed in a article in Journal of Experimental Psychology, found that subjects who experienced misfortune were more willing to take risks again, if they had washed their hands -- a traditional superstitious ritual that supposedly cleanses a person of bad luck. Newspaper writers took to calling them "the world's unluckiest couple. Thirteen Common But Silly Superstitions But in our minds, it all blends together and forms this thing that we think of as bad luck.

Friday the 13th? Unlucky for some. Social Media Links.Does our generation even pay attention to anything like that? I wouldn't say I'm a passionate believer in all superstitions, but the ones I do believe in, I try to avoid at all costs. To deter the bad spirits, Italians can wear a horn necklace which looks like a small chili pepper.

i got bad luck

Did you know you're supposed to get out of your bed on the same EXACT side you hopped in, or you will have bad luck for the entire day? This superstition is pretty well known, but the groom is not supposed to see his bride before the wedding.

14 Things That Could Be Causing Your Bad Luck

Didn't anybody tell the photographers who are doing first looks for every wedding about this casually important information?! It's bad luck to sleep on a table. If you pee in the roadyou will get a stye in your eye. One of my college friends did this a few late nights back to the dorm and I'm not sure she had any problems with her eyes…. Sailors wear earrings in their ears because if they don't, they may drown. And I thought this earring situation was low-key a sexy trendy kind of a thing.

i got bad luck

Honestly, why walk under the ladder anyway? Walk around it and save yourself from negative spirits of this superstition. Apparently, opening an umbrella inside totally pisses off the sun god… so take it outside or feel the wrath. Crack a mirrorand you could bring seven years of bad luck upon yourself. A Spanish superstition deems Tuesday the 13th extremely unlucky in Spain. Germans consider this bad luck. DANG, now that's a problem for my squad because we're all about starting our birthdays the week before our actual date, and finishing the partying sometime the week after.

To believe, or not to believe in superstitions, the choice is all yours. Some of them are pretty wild, while others, not so much. The fate of your luck awaits….

What Can I Do about My Bad Luck?

By Alexa Mellardo. There are mad superstitions out there in the world, but is there really any truth to them? Is being superstitious a thing of the past, though? About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.Not bad luck. Not a curse. You are not being punished and you are not doomed. They move things, guide things, nudge things, and try to get you going down a better corridor in the maze of life.

Husband cheated on you? Good thing you found out now! Lost your job? Oh, you mean the job you hated? Now you have a chance to have a career you love. Maybe getting sick was the only way to get you to a doctor so they could find the cancer early enough to treat it. Got arrested for drug possession?

Maybe this is your chance to get clean and have a better life.

Taylor Swift - …Ready For It?

My paranormal team and I were interviewing a potential client who told us she was having bad luck and that it must be paranormal. Every time I try to make my life better something bad happens. She was not having a paranormal problem. She was afraid of her own power, her power to make her life what she desired it to be. Ask yourself right now what is keeping you from joy, happiness, success, and feeling good.

Set aside time to do what you want, what will make you happier in the long run. Take the class you always wanted to take. Start playing the instrument you always wanted to play. Improve your career, relationships, finances, health and more. Your spirit guides will help you get what you desire in life. Wisdom from the Other Side: What bad luck is really all about. I get a lot of emails from people asking me how to remove curses or get rid of their bad luck. See them as signs to make a change.

Start doing what makes you happy. Start doing right by yourself. Dump the cheating partner, lose the job you hate, clean up your drug habit.

Related Articles. Share this article:. Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on pinterest Pinterest. Share on email Email.Question: "What is a jinx? What does it mean to be jinxed?

To jinx something is to bring misfortune to it. Someone who seems to have bad luck or attract bad luck to the people around them is also sometimes called a jinx.

In other contexts, however, a jinx is more serious. There is a jinx used in occult magic. There are people who attempt to cast spells and curse others with misfortune, and the Bible does not treat curses, sorcery, or other forms of the occult as fake or laughable.

King Balak of Moab asked Balaam to curse Israel Numbers —8and we know that this was a curse related to the practice of divination, not simply an empty threat Numbers God told Balaam not to curse Israel, which leads us to assume that, if Balaam had cursed them, it would have had some spiritual effect. In the book of Acts, the apostles encountered a sorcerer named Simon who was attracted to the miracles and signs being performed by the apostles and wanted to learn how to do them Acts All of this, especially the commands of God against sorcery and the occult, lends credibility to the reality of witchcraft Galatians ; Deuteronomy — There is no explanation in the Bible as to why or how this occurs or why demons would do the bidding of humans, unless it is to trick them into believing that they, the humans, are in charge.

Furthermore, God forbids casting spells and jinxes, and that should be reason enough to stay away. Share this page on:. Find Out How to All rights reserved. Privacy Policy This page last updated: April 16, During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

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Updated: January 5, References. Have you resorted to knocking on wood or carrying around a rabbit's foot to change your bad luck? While some people swear by superstitions, there are several things you can do to change your luck. Don't fear black cats and broken mirrors any longer! Instead, change your behavior and mindset. The good luck will follow you!

While everyone has bad luck from time to time, if you feel like you just can't escape it, then try changing your behavior and your mindset. One way to attract good luck is to release tension by meditating, exercising, or getting together with friends. As you become more relaxed, you'll be more open to finding positive experiences.

i got bad luck

You can also try changing up your routine to expose yourself to new and luckier opportunities, like meeting interesting people or finding a more scenic route to work or school. If you continue to have bad luck, try to appreciate any positives. For example, if you get into a car accident, focus on how lucky you are to be uninjured instead of on the costly car repairs. Practicing positive thinking can lead you to feel lucky instead of unlucky. To learn how to be more optimistic in order to turn your luck around, keep reading!

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As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemicSome people like to gamble But you, you always lose Some people like to rock 'n' roll You're always singing the blues.

Why Do I Have Bad Luck?

You got a nasty disposition No one really knows the reason why You got a bad, bad reputation Gonna hang down your head and cry. Thirteen's my lucky number To you it means stay inside Black cat done crossed my path No reason to run and hide. You're looking through a cracked mirror No one really knows the reason why Your enemies are getting nearer Gonna hang down your head and cry.

Some people go to church on Sundays Others, they pray at home You tell them that there ain't no God That they're better off standing alone. You're always scratching at the eight ball No one really knows the reason why You get to the top and then you fall Gonna hang your head down and cry. Y'got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck Y'got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck Y'got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck, c'mon give it to me Bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck, c'mon give it.

Some people like to gamble But you, you always lose Some people like to rock 'n' roll You're always singing the blues You got a nasty disposition No one really knows the reason why You got a bad, bad reputation Gonna hang down your head and cry Y'got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck Y'got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck Thirteen's my lucky number To you it means stay inside Black cat done crossed my path No reason to run and hide Related.

You gotta check out.Is it possible for someone to have bad luck? My grandmother used to say about such people that they have "no mazel. The word "mazel" is derived from the Hebrew verb " nozel " which means to flow. Mazel is the energy which flows to us from Above, and thus we often wish each other " mazel tov ," which really means, "may you have a flow of positive energy.

Mazel affects every area in life. One person has mazel with his children, one has mazel in his looks, one has mazel when it comes to health, one when it comes to making money. One person has mazel with her friends, one with parents-in-law, one with great spouses for their children.

One has mazel in his job, one has mazel with his bosses, one in making investments. One has mazel with her plants a "green thumb" and one with scrabble.

The list is endless. A person can have bad mazel in a specific area—but great mazel in many others. If someone has great mazel when it comes to making money, but no mazel at all with children, spouse, health, etc. What about a brilliant person in an unhappy marriage? The friendless millionaire?

You write that you don't have good mazel financially—but do you have mazel in other areas of life? Nobody has good mazel in everything! And mazel with money is of far less importance than mazel in many other areas in life.

We believe that every year on Rosh Hashanah it is decreed in Heaven what a person will earn during the coming year. That doesn't mean that a person can sit with folded hands a whole year, and say, "well, I don't have to do anything, whatever is decreed for me will just come to me. The vessel is hard and honest work, and prayer that the efforts be blessed from Above.

Similarly, we pray that we should have good mazel with our children, while simultaneously working hard to be good parents and directing them in the proper way. So instead of focusing on the presence or absence of mazel in your life, focus on doing whatever is in your ability to make a living.

A Jew's needs are channeled to him through the "pipe" of his observance of Torah and Mitzvot. If he needs more than he has, he must "widen the pipe" by adding some Torah and Mitzvos to what he is currently doing, and giving charity to the best of his ability because that is the best vehicle for financial mazel.

Do this without pointing fingers or making accusations — you might invite a rabbi or someone whom all of you respect, to be present at the meeting, who will keep it under control. Explain that you feel in crisis mode you need help in coping with the the situation — you need their help to cope with the situation.

Good luck and G-d bless. Lately it seems like I have bad Mazel in everything, can't find a second job as my bills fall behind and I get closer to losing my house, wife doesn't work or really do much of anything at home but watch streaming g videos all day, her teenage college student kid doesn't help pay any of the bills around my house I really hate my life at this point and just want to pick up and disappear.

My career choices, heath and mind are fine, I'm speaking about "Stupid stuff", like sitting on a plane and watching the baggage handlers load everyone's luggage, except that my luggage is still lying on the ground as we were ready for take-off! Or buying an auto part only to find out after installation that it was defective More than a dozen times in the past 20 years.

Lasik surgery: Sitting in a waiting room with 20 other people and during recovery, finding out that only "I", needed to have it re-done because the Doctor made a mistake But all the other patients were Fine! Getting a speeding ticket and the officer's radar gun misread my speed which was deflected by the car that passed me at a high rate of speed!

I was born on the 2nd day of the month, the 2 has always been bad luck for me. However, 13 has always been lucky. My situation is almost funny! The 'Garden of Gratitude' by Rabbi Shalom Arush will shed some light on why these things happen, hope this is useful. Wishing you and K'lal Yisrael continued and revealed blessings.

Quote " If life seems to be like a brick wall or a dead end, then learning to give thanks is the key to a new tomorrow.